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Cluster of automotive parts manufacturers is a voluntary, non-profit, professional association of producers of parts, accessories, tools and equipment for the automotive industry.


Main goals: T3M workshop was founded with agenda to apply high sophisticated technology which are necessary to meet high quality standards of our customers. We would like to become partner to industry of European Community.

Main Customers

  • AD Plastik, Solin
  • Alstom Hrvatska, Karlovac
  • HS produkt, Karlovac
  • Gas Turbine Factory,
  • Karlovac

Production range:

  • metamorfing tools
  • injection molds for plastic parts
  • gravity die casting, pressure die casting of non-ferrous metals
  • machining services


  • product development
  • mold, die construction
  • making of 3D solid models from 2D technical documentation
  • CNC programming
  • prototype making


T3M d.o.o.
Mala Švarča 155
47 000 Karlovac

Tel: +385 47 434008
Fax: +385 47 600
E-mail: t3m@ka.t-com.hr
Web: www.t3m.hr

Dubravko Milković
Mob: +395 91 6227717


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Product photo

Product photo