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Cluster of automotive parts manufacturers is a voluntary, non-profit, professional association of producers of parts, accessories, tools and equipment for the automotive industry.

University of Zagreb Faculty of Metallurgy

The Faculty of Metallurgy as a constituent unit of the University of Zagreb is the only higher education institution in the Republic of Croatia active in the field of technical sciences with a specialty in metallurgy. The Faculty develops its area of expertise through educational, scientific and expert activities. Teaching activities are conducted through the education of highly competent experts at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate doctoral studies in metallurgy. Scientific and research activities are conducted through science projects increasing the general level of fundamental, applied and developmental expertise in metallurgy. Expert activities enable a quick and efficient transfer of the latest scientific breakthroughs into the economy and other areas of general and public interest.


University of Zagreb Faculty of Metallurgy
Aleja narodnih heroja 3
44100 Sisak

Tel: 044 533 381
Fax: 044 533 378
Email: dekanat@simet.hr
Web: www.simet.unizg.hr

Dr. sc. Tamara Holjevac Grgurić, Assistant professor

Dr. sc. Zdenka Zovko Brodarac, Assistant professor


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