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Lama d.o.o.

Lama Ltd. was founded in 1992 in Split. From the very beginning informatics and informatics engineering has been its core business.In addition to the delivery of computer and network equipment, Lama Ltd. is a system integrator which offers services related to building of local area network and wide area network (WAN), VoiP Telephony, installation and maintenance of system software, installation of IT solutions, either its own or other companies' solutions. It also offers consulting services needed for finding the most adequate solution for a certain company.

Services which LAMA Ltd. can offer and implement, comprise:

  • delivery and maintenance of hardware equipment made by distinguished manufacturer
  • delivery and maintenance of digital telephone exchanges
  • building network infrastructure (structural cabling)
  • installation of network operational system (Windows, Linux, Unix)
  • creating design projects and executive projects in the area of LAN and WAN as well as integral projects for the introduction of IT in companies
  • installation and adjusting MS Exchange server to users' needs

Integral Solutions:

  • L.U.C.A. (Lama Unified Communication Appliance)
  • IForestFire (Intelligent Fire Monitoring System)
  • Lama Firewall
  • iMeteo - IP weather station


  • EDUPLAN / EX - planning and maintenance records and Attendance access control auditoriums
  • LAMARINA - information system for ports
  • Document management and processes of the organization

Certificate of quality ISO 9001:2008


Lama d.o.o
Stinice 12
21000 Split

Tel: +385 21 270270
Fax: +385 21 270220
Web: www.lama.hr
Email: lama@lama.hr

Andrej Garić, CEO
Tel: +385 21 270230
Email: andrej@lama.hr


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