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Cluster of automotive parts manufacturers is a voluntary, non-profit, professional association of producers of parts, accessories, tools and equipment for the automotive industry.


Production possibilities: Feroimpex automobilska tehnika d.o.o. is a Croatian SME specialised in turning of various products:

  • Diameter from 25mm up to 250mm and weights untill 25kg. (with deep hole drilling untill 120mm - eg. rolls for bearings)
  • Heating treatment (with 900C and salt bath) Hardening, tempering, cementing.
  • Production of various measuring Tools.
  • Production of over 500 different parts for railway, certified according to UIC - standard.


Feroimpex automobilska tehnika d.o.o Josipa LonĨara 7, Zagreb
Tel: 003851 / 3430 200
Fax. 003851 / 3430 234
Web: www.feroimpex.hr

Legac Branimir
Email: legac.b@feroimpex.hr


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Product photo

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